About Us

About Us

Have you ever wondered who is DabHand Accounting is? Is DabHand Accounting a reliable financial expertise? No need to worry, you are sure with a trusted accountant who has more than 30 years of experience in both large and small businesses in various industries.

Our founder, Christopher Darby is an associate chartered accountant with years of practice as an auditor in one of the big auditing firm at Price Waterhouse. He was also worked as finance manager and head accountant for big firms in different industry such as British American Tobacco (Multinational corporation; Tobacco Industry), Dream Group (Consultancy Industry), Lifeforce Immune System Bank Plc (Regenerative Medicine Industry).

After years of work experience in his field, he founded DabHand Accounting with the vision in providing services to limited companies, sole traders, and individuals to ensure that their business is compliant with their responsibilities, grow profitably and operate in a tax-efficient manner.

Of courses, we can advise and take care of all types of accountancy concerned.


We are fully GDPR compliant and will never share you data with any third-party.