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Tax & Tax Planning

Dab Hand are also tax specialists, who can make sure that your tax bill is minimised and that your business takes full advantage of the tax saving opportunities available. In some of our client’s cases, we are able to reduce tax liability to nil – it is vital that you receive specialist advice at critical stages of your business cycle to take advantage of the savings that can be made.

When it comes to tax, planning ahead is key. We can ensure that you are retain as much money in your business as possible by taking steps of tax saving opportunities at the right stages.

Which taxes you have to pay and how these can be mitigated will depend on a number of factors, including the way your personal and business affairs are organised. Examples of areas where tax savings can be made include:

To ensure you pay the minimum tax liability, Dab Hand can do the following:

  • Implement a tax reduction strategy
  • Provide proactive annual tax planning before your financial year end
  • Undertake activity-based tax planning before any:
    • Business expansion
    • Business acquisition or disposal
    • Leasing or finance deal
    • Asset acquisition or disposal
    • Improvements or repairs
    • Business or corporate restructure
    • Changes in circumstances
  • Develop the most tax-efficient profit extraction strategy for your company
  • Create tax-efficient remuneration packages and benefit structures
  • Install a tax-efficient motor vehicle strategy
  • Maximise your tax-free capital gains, income and pension planning


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